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What’s the difference between acupuncture and dry needling?

In Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) – Acupuncture is location specific and has used trigger points (ashi/pain points) for 3000 years.

In TCM the needle placement targets meridians and the restoration of the body’s flow (Qi).  Qi is the flow of yin and yang and by restoring this balance acupuncturists aim to help the body heal. Acupuncturist can help pain and also will address the underlying cause of dis – ease in the body

Dry Needling used by chiropractors physiotherapists and massage therapists is focused on taut bands within muscles, trigger points and spots of tenderness that reproduce pain.

  • The needle penetrates the skin damaging tissue, the body and brain recognise this as a small trauma, releasing cells from the immune system removing damaged tissue and facilitating healing and potentially relaxing muscular tension
  • Dry needles kind of work like your gym work out – you go to the gym to create a positive stress on the body and the body grows, strengthens and heals during sleep.

Just like chiropractic – Dry Needling is not designed to make you instantly feel better – it designed to make you heal better



Will Dry Needling work for you?

Dry Needling may or may not be able to solve your problem at all but getting some expert chiro advice, the right exercise and the right treatment plan will be of great help!

Give us a call and we will find the best treatment protocol to help you.

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