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3 Top Tips for Foot Pain: How to Fix Your Feet

Have you told your chiropractor about your foot pain? Do you have pain in your feet first thing in the morning and find yourself hobbling to the loo? Do you want to try something before orthotics?

Each foot contains 26 bones. Your feet have 1/3 of all your bones in your entire body. Keeping those baby’s moving well and functioning properly is super important to help prevent ongoing hip and lower back pain as well as specific foot issues like plantarfasciitis and bunions. A sports chiropractor is specifically trained at improving the relationship between the bones and joints of your feet. Everything is connected, Hip- Knee- Ankle.

Having the appropriate movement and mobility in the joints of your feet will help prevent pain and also even potentially improve your sporting performance. By driving through your feet properly you will generate more force and power through your hips for sport. As our hips generate and transmit force through to the upper body for throwing sports or catching and receiving weights over head in Olympic lifting for example.

Because of poor biomechanics in the joints of your feet sometimes the small intrinsic muscles of your feet go to sleep and stop supporting the function of the load bearing joints and arches of your feet.

As sports chiropractors we are specifically trained at mobilising these joints into better positions, alongside the take home rehab (waking up sleepy muscle exercises you will be given), a sports chiropractor will have your tootsies sorted in no time!!!

So my top three tips are:

1: Tell your chiropractor you are experiencing pain in your feet

2: Foam Roll your calf muscles

3: Roll out the bottom of your feet with a lacrosse/golf ball or piece of dowel

Watch this video for further information:

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