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Disc bulges are like grey hair –                        Normal!

Did you know that many people have disc bulges that will resolve naturally over time on their own via the immune system?

And that changes on your MRI or X-rays are just like grey hair – normal!!!!!

A recent study followed subjects over an eight year period and found that at least half of all herniated discs spontaneously de herniate on their own

There is a misconception that once bulged – you’ll have it for life – WRONG!

Which means……

That many people have disc bulges on MRI and have absolutely no pain at all?

One study showed 50% of people had evidence of a disc bulge on an MRI with no pain at all

The spine is a robust strong structure that is designed to lift, bend and move. It is not vulnerable, out of alignment or misaligned. Squatting moving lifting and bending are good for the spine.

What I find is that the worst thing for a herniated disc or generalised mild lower back pain is actually sitting and inactivity, sitting is the new smoking

Top tips for helping disc bulges

  • Create space in the body – “pretend you’re a puppet with a piece of string coming out the top of your head”
  • Relax your abs – overly contracting your abs into your spine will tighten an already rigid spine
  • Don’t avoid movement – relaxed movement will settle your back pain
  • Breathe softly into a big belly
  • An overall physically balanced strong body will help prevent pain
  • Stress, sickness, quality of nutrition and your state of mind greatly affect your pain and response to interventions like chiro, physio acupuncture and massage
  • Exercise is the best long term intervention for back pain
  • Anti- inflammatory drugs have been shown to be no better than a placebo for helping lower back pain and long term use can cause stomach ulcers


What type of exercise is best?

When it comes down to it, I encourage patients to do what they enjoy and make exercise or movement a habit. Any exercise is good exercise; it is the consistency and progressive overload that is the key.

We are what we do daily and there is no superior exercise to build a strong healthy back.

How to best help disc herniations and back pain?

The best answer is to get mobile, get strong, get active

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